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A charmed wood in Urbasa, Entzia

      Between the Northwest area of the Natural Park of Urbasa and the Park of Entzia, there is one of the biggest beech-woods of the Iberian Peninsula.
When we go in it, it seems that nobody has never set foot in it, a virgin place.
The freshness of the beech shades, the moss between the rocks, the silence: make it grandiose. Another world, of strange  sculptural forms which make delight the senses.


      One route: the route of the fountains, in Urbasa:
An indicated 4,5kms path, easy to carry out, indicated with blue marks. A circular route, 1h approximately. Following it we can see, beech-woods, pastures, where there are horses, ewes, cows, etc.

     -We have more information about the park, about the information centre, etc. in the house.
-If you want us to provide you a guide to come with you and prepares a route to your requirements, you can see the section: Sports and Adventure.

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