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Guided visits programmed and the letter in our region, the Alava Lowland

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-Historical-artistic complex of Salvatierra-Agurain

Salvatierra-Agurain is a medieval village and, as such, was walled for several centuries. In that period the village had only three streets: Mayor, which comprises the most interesting houses from an artistic standpoint; Carnicería and Zapatari, which hosted the village's butchers and shoemakers respectively.

Nowadays these streets form the old and artistic part of the village. There, we will find a good number of monumental buildings, such as the fortress-churches of San Juan and Santa María, the Casa de las Viudas (Widows' House), the oldest civilian building in the municipality, the houses of the Begoña, the Azkarraga or the Bustamante families, the Diezmo house and the Olbeas de San Juan

San Juan Church

The church of San Juan Bautista was built in the 15th-16th centuries over a former temple built two centuries before. In the beginning it had defence functions, thus its fortress character is quite significant. Gothic

Inside we can admire an altarpiece dating back to the 16th century, with paintings by Pedro de Obrel, educated as an artist in Flanders.

 Santa María church-fortress      
The Santa María church was built in the 15th and 16th centuries, over a prevoiusly existing temple. In the beginning, it was used as a defence and it thus seems a fortress. Gothic

Inside you can see an altarpiece made by Lope de Larrea in 1530. There is also a plateresque choir and an emblem of the Emperor Charles the First.

 Gazeo: Church of San Martín de TouRS (s. XIII). Rich paintings gothic murals in its interior.

Alaiza: Church of Nª Sª of Asuncio'n (s. XIV). In its interior we found paintings discovered murals of singular peculiarity in 1.982.

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