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Basque people enjoy having fun on the streets and being together with their friends. The visitor will find bar areas in every village, town and city. They are full of bars, pubs and discos and get packed on weekend and summer nights. As regards bars, we'd like to mention the custom known as "txikiteo" or "poteo": it consists of drinking small amounts of wine (pote or txikito), beer or cider standing with one's friends and going from one bar to another every little while. This custom is tightly linked to the eating of "pintxos" or miniature culinary masterpieces.
Vitoria-Gasteiz bars & pubsVitoria-Gasteiz's nightlife centres around four streets in the old part of the city: Zapatería (Zapa), Cuchillería (Cuchi), Pintoreria (Pinto) and Nueva Fuera. The youngest crowds go to Zapa and Pinto, where the bars open until two or three in the morning. People of all ages go to Cuchi, Nueva Fuera and Cuesta de San Francisco, streets full of bars and pubs where you can also have excellent bread rolls with fillings. Some of these bars in these streets do not close until around three o'clock in the morning.

Fashionable night clubs are spread around different areas of the town: near the Fueros Square for the beautiful people, and "house" music in Dato and San Prudencio streets mainly for people over 30.

There are nightclubs both for younger crowds and over 30's. Also enthusiasts of electronic music have their own locals, such as in the General Alava street.

There are also many Irish pubs in town as well as in designer pubs, meeting points for Vitoria-Gasteiz celebrities.

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