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PRICES (taxes included)

Cost of the lodging by rooms:

- Double room/night: 58,85 euros

- Extra bed/night: 18 euros

- Cot for babies until two years old: free

- Wireless internet: at no cost for our guests

Lodging in a house for 12-16 individuals

Weekends (Check-in after 2pm on Friday.  Check-out before 6pm on Sunday): 700 euros

Cancellations and refunds

If a reservation is cancelled, a percentage of the deposit - which varies according to the notice period - is withheld as a penalty. All cancellation costs (transfer commission, etc) are borne by the customer.

No. of days' notice                   Percentage penalty
         0-7                                         100%
        8-15                                          75%
       16-30                                          50%
Greater than 30              No penalty applied (all the deposit is returned)