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Agroturismo Maturana

Bienvenido - Ongi Etorri - Welcome - Bienvenu

Guesthouse, Sagasti Zahar, in Alava, 12km from Vitoria and 2km from the N-I road  (North roadway), in the centre of the Basque Country. It’s very good communicated, less than an hour from San Sebastian, Bilbao, Pamplona and La Rioja.

Recommended by :"Guia Michelin " , "Le Routard", « Guesthouses with charm » from País Aguilar publishing house, « Tourism of the silence » from Salvat publishing house, etc...

The house can be rented at all or per rooms, spacious, comfortable and welcoming. It’s opened all over the year It’s a good place to hiking, to ride a bicycle, to practice the nautical sports, to go for a walk, to sunbathe, etc., in nature.

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